Corredor Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires corridor includes one of the richest and most productive areas in Argentina, as it is located in the immensity of the Pampas plains, only interrupted by the mountain range orographic systems of Tandilia and Ventania.

Politically, it includes the North, Center and West of the Province of Buenos Aires, as well as Buenos Aires City (Federal District), which is the cosmopolitan center of the Nation. Access gate used by immigrating currents, it offers a large cultural diversity. This is the land of the gauchos and traditions, but it is also the land of intense industrial and commercial activities.

The Buenos Aires tourist offer revolves around the history, reflected in the French and Italian architecture, with numerous museums, theaters, cultural centers and shopping malls. In San Antonio de Areco rural tourism invites to perform activities typical from the countryside, with accommodation in ancient estancias and the chance to breathe the pure air of the plains while tasting the traditional asado criollo.

Another interesting option is that of "mini-tourism" around districts not far from the city of Buenos Aires, such as Mercedes, Pilar, San Isidro, Tigre and Luján, or an intense day out fishing in Chascomús and other lagoons of Buenos Aires. Adventure travel in Tandil, Sierra de la Ventana and Balcarce completes the tourist promise in this corridor.

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On Horseback around Tandil`s Mountain...

Tandil - Buenos Aires

On Horseback around Tandil`s Mountain...

The best way of getting to know Tandil’s mountains is by horse. Therefore, horse-riding excursions have continued to be a classic tour for years …

Relax All Through the Year in the...

Sierra de la Ventana - Buenos Aires

Relax All Through the Year in the...

Framed by one of the best golf courses in the country and overlooking the Sauce Grande River, we found a spa where massage, sauna and a heated pool invite to enjoy pleasure.

Downtown Mar Chiquita

Mar Chiquita - Buenos Aires

Downtown Mar Chiquita

Popular but quiet, the commercial center is an excuse to get all the necessary supplies during the holidays and spend the hours after the beach.

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