Mar del Tuyú

Mar del Tuyú Mar del Tuyú

Provincial Route 11, also known as Interbalnearia, in the Province of Buenos Aires, joins several cities that have become famous for their beaches on the Atlantic. Mar del Tuyú is one of the most traditional and it lies 340 kilometers from the Federal District.

The urban grid –which features some oval-shaped streets- is small but contains plenty of shady trees and a very slow pace. The residents overlooking the vast and roaring ocean were given priority at the moment of designing the town.

During the high season, when days are longer, the center and the almost plain ample beaches are crowded with visitors that become adapted to the classic sport apparel and sandals to get away from their daily routine.

Long sunny days, with much sand and saltwater invite people to private beaches or public spaces where they plant their colorful parasols. The sand hills run alongside the shore and become immersed in the scenery.

In addition to walking along the beach, tourists may enjoy the nautical activities proposed by the sea. Motorboat and sailing boat rides, rowing outings and water ski are just part of the summer adventure.

An anglers’ pier guarantees the chance to enjoy this sport both during the day and at night. Whether using a fishing rod or a lift net, fishermen can get some fish for a snack. Another typical feature in the city is the operating lighthouse.

A show of the first days of tourist splendor is represented by its first accommodation venue, raised in the 1940s: Gran Hotel Tuyú. It used to have forty rooms. Today, it still preserves its original façade and houses the Town Hall.

In the summer, houses for rent, hotels and camping sites are not enough for the large number of families that come to visit, especially those with little children. Its beaches are the true attraction of this wild natural environment.

As the sun sets, riding a bike, a horse or an ATV is a must. Or else, a stop at one of the fashionable coffee houses in town may be a good treat. Everyone finds something to indulge themselves at this location in Partido de la Costa.

Map Mar del Tuyú

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