Mar del Sur

Mar del Sur Mar del Sur - Photos: Pablo Etchevers

Mar del Sur is one of the oldest seaside destinations on the Argentinian Atlantic Coast and it lies at the end of the Interbalnearia. It is part of the District of Alvarado and it is bordered by La Carolina and La Tigra Creeks. Much has been written about the first settlers, who arrived in 1881.

Entering this summer village of vast beaches and wild land has always been an exploit. The road, made of mud and sand, caused the car to get buried. In spite of that, there were many enthusiasts who wished to sort that obstacle to get to a paradisiacal site.

The original urban grid dates back from 1931, when an inn was built on the main avenue, which is the only one paved at present. It was not until the access road was paved that the town began to welcome large numbers of visitors.

As it is located in the open sea, breakwaters have been built to prevent the sand from being eroded by the strong waves. This is how the beach was preserved. The accommodation and camping site offer was increased . The old Boulevard Atlantic Hotel, which had been abandoned for decades, will be restored and praised as a sample of the glorious past days.

The second urban conglomerate lies four kilometers away. It is called Rocas Negras (Black Rocks). Its name derives from a rock formation considered as a breakwater towards the sea. It is covered by black seashells and very modern residences were built here, practically on the beach.

As to angling, El Remando, Rocas Negras, Punta de Pérez and Ocho Pajas are the most popular environments. Fishing is varied, depending on the tides and the chance to get on board some water craft to catch bigger pieces. Lake La Ballenera, containing fresh water, is the perfect place to catch silverside and dientudos, according to season.

Spending the day on the beach, crossing the sand hills and no nightlife are the typical features of the summer. Instead, the City of Miramar –which lies 18 kilometers away- offers a casino, restaurants, pubs, discos and everything Mar del Sur does not.

“Mar del Sur, a natural place”, reads the welcome sign. Relaxation and lack of noise are the keywords.

Map Mar del Sur

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