Lobos Lobos

Lobos is a city reminiscent of a colonial past from which only its old grand houses and the taste for its quiet pace and friendly encounters have remained. It lies 100 kilometers away from the Federal District and is highly appreciated for its lake, where fishing and recreation gain more and more followers. A connection from 25 de Mayo and Ricchieri Motorways to National Route 205 leads to this destination.

The church and the town hall, elements of its cultural and transcendental heritage, are discovered while touring its downtown area with broad streets featuring slow-paced traffic. Old buildings, some of them with non- ochavas corners, inner yards with wells and thick walls made of bricks joined with mud are also observed.

Lake Lobos is located 15 kilometers away from the city. It features plenty of vegetation and represents an appropriate fishing environment. It includes a dock for watercrafts to moor. Silverside, dientudo, boga and mojarra are some of the most commonly found species. Clubs play a significant role in this activity and they provide everything necessary to get to the water body ad spend a splendid day. There is accommodation avialable at a camping site, cabins and motorhomes.

In the downtown, a large recreational park with a cycling track stands out in the downtown area. Likewise, in the outskirts, visitors may relish a golf course and an airfield where first-time flights and parachuting are available.

This area is surrounded by green fields, good pastures and cattle raised to produce dairy. Waking up at one of these estancias open to tourists is a perfect option to make contact with nature and renew physical strength after suffering the stress caused by big cities.

As every city in the Province of Buenos Aires, its cuisine pays tribute to Criollo recipes and asados are the main dish. Its denizens look forward to the arrival of visitors with the friendly quality of rural people.


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