Sauce Grande

Sauce Grande Sauce Grande

Another beach is located just 5 kilometers East of the City of Monte Hermoso on the shores of the Argentinian Sea: Sauce Grande. This town in the Province of Buenos Aires belongs to the District of Monte Hermoso.

Sauce Grande has grown year after year. Several cabin resorts and a municipal camping site co-exist in its urban shell. Its beaches boast soft slopes, warm waters as compared to other destinations on the Atlantic and a generous tree grove that is shared with its neighboring settlement.

Due to its location, it is affected by winds coming from different points. Each of them provides the area a unique character. The most pleasant and plentiful come from the sea and they are referred to as “sea breeze”. They usually prevail in the afternoon.

A highly appreciated quality in this zone is that the sun rises and sets on the sea horizon. Daytime is longer, with plenty of sunshine, and there is the chance to see the magical colors of both dawn and dusk.

A version of Mount Calvary and the Stations of the Cross was built years ago in this district to celebrate Holy Week. At present, this is part of one of the traditional local attractions. The other sights are more related to Monte Hermoso, which has resources for all tastes as a result of being an organized city.
Sauce Grande is a summer destination chosen by families who see a chance for their children to enjoy the white sands and extensive beaches without any danger. Besides, it welcomes people who usually get Monte Hermoso crowded.

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