Villa Gesell

Villa Gesell Villa Gesell - Photo: Pablo Etchevers

Considered as one of the most important seaside resorts on the verge of the Atlantic Ocean, Villa Gesell offers an excellent hospitality infrastructure and other tourist services both to relax and enjoy.

It is situated in Province, 350 km away from the Federal Capital, Buenos Aires. An outstanding forestation has managed to fix the dunes and turn the area into a wood where tamarinds, pine trees, acacias and eucaliptus proliferate. They surround Villa Gesell City which has asymmetrical hilly streets and innovative buidings.

The climate in this region is mild with average temperatures ranging between 27º C and 17º C, in the summer, and 16º C and 6º C, in the winter.

The main attraction of Villa Gesell is its beautiful beach that has a slight steep slope. The great number of tourists enjoy volleyball, swimming and water sports such as jet skiing, windsurfing, motorboat rides and shore or boat fishing.

Other joyful alternatives in Gesell are the quad rides to the Querandí lighthouse or along Northern Dunas Reservation, quad rides, visits to the Zoo and the Craftmen Gallery or a golf game in the circuit of the city.

The nightlife at Villa Gesell turns on pubs, discos, theatres or bingos settled to cope with the demands of a public of all ages.

Villa Gesell is the place where man’s effort together with nature bring about a beautiful place to relax.

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