NecocheaNecochea - Photos: Santiago Gaudio

On the verge of the great Atlantic Ocean, in the southeastern part of the Province of Buenos Aires, the city of Necochea is a proposal with plenty of shades. Sand, sun and sea come together with the greenwood and the choppy waters of Quequén-Salado for the tourists' rest.

The climate is humid temperate. During the summer, the temperatures range between 14ºC and 33º C. The land ranges from clearly sandy to clayey. Even if it is located on a plain, along the sea coast there is a wide dune strip that is ideal to go on 4x4 excursions.

The main attraction is the beach. Costa Bonita, Bahía de los Vientos, Las Grutas, Quequén Beaches and the downtown beaches, the Quequén Lighthouse and the interesting fossils in Punta Caballido are among the most recommended sites.

Another important sight is Necochea's harbor, where there is an intense commercial activity.

The Miguel Lillo Park has thick exotic woods ideal for flora and fauna watching or for hiking or cycling. There is also an outdoor amphitheatre , a square and two museums.

In Necochea water sports such as windsurfing, surfing, jet skiing, sailing, diving, rowing and swimming can be practiced. Also, tourists can visit the Historical Regional Museum and Dr. Squadrone Museum.

At night, luck attends the Casino Touristic Resort, which has huge game rooms.
Necochea, an entire city immersed in nature.

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