Costa del Este

Costa del EsteCosta del Este

The beaches of the so-called Partido de la Costa follow one another on the shores of the Argentinian Sea. Each of them has a distinctive feature. The settlement known as Costa del Este, famous for having a million pine-trees, has grown significantly ever since its foundation in 1966. It stands 352 kilometers away from the Federal District. Mar del Tuyú and Aguas Verdes are its neighbors.

Its desert landscape was planted with pines, poplars and eucalyptus by the first settlers. They did this to fix the sand hills that divide the sea littoral from the city. Costa del Este still reserves the coziness of an ancient village with streets made of dirt. Its downtown avenues, however, have been paved to gain a little elegance.

The beaches are the main local attraction in the summer. They are extensive and their width varies according to changing tides. Visitors accomplish their mission everyday just by spending several hours in the sunshine, taking a dive, playing ball on the beach or enjoying energetic walks.

As well, there are experiences such as hiking or cycling across the venue known as Reserva Forestal or nautical sports in an artificial lake with plenty of shady trees which visitors should not miss. There are also grills to relish an asado with the family and entertainment for all.

Weekend houses in addition to houses for rent are usually occupied in the summer by families who chose this village for its slow pace and attractions within walking distance. The wild nature of the area is combined with the comfort that will ensure vacations without any inconvenience.

The commercial galleries, the take-away restaurants, coffee-houses and handicraft stores are the meeting points every day after the beach. The nightlife does not compare to that of big cities but there are entertainment options, music shows and gatherings ruled by draft beer.

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