San Isidro

San Isidro San Isidro

In the northern area of the Province of Buenos Aires, just 20 kilometers away from the Federal District, lies the City of San Isidro. Featuring colonial traits, it is immersed in a booming and modern society.

It is recommended to start a city tour around its historical shell and the hundred-year-old cathedral honoring Saint Isidore the Laborer right opposite Mitre Square. This building of imposing size boasts a Neo-Gothic architectural line. Its stained glass windows and the images on its main and side altars provide an impressive view.

The square has a spectacular staircase, gardens with old palm trees and tipas and a clock made with flowers. This is an ideal space for art and music shows. The handicrafts market –a classic of San Isidro- is settled there.

In the surroundings, some residences give evidence of a glorious past. The estates known as Los Ombúes and Los Naranjos –which date back from the mid nineteenth century- used to accommodate the most renowned families of the porteño society. As well, the house once owned by the famous writer Victoria Ocampo is open to visitors, who are usually dazzled by its constructions, personal objects and lawn on the cliffs over the Río de la Plata.

An old English-style railway building located at the lower part of the square now houses the San Isidro Tren de la Costa station. A commercial gallery, an antique fair and several gastronomic venues turn this area known as El Bajo into a first-class attraction.

The neighbors of San Isidro take pride in their sports clubs, whether their main activity is rugby or they are located on the river bank and offer nautical activities. CASI, SIC, Náutico and Golf Club are entities deeply rooted in the city lifestyle, just like the horse racing track with its lanes made of natural grass.

Del Libertador Avenue and Alvear Street are highly admired by their glamorous life. Many restaurants and cultural venues are housed by old colonial grand houses or studs, which gain importance as a result of their own history.

Touring around the City of San Isidro takes more than one day and one night. There is much to be discovered behind its wide adobe walls, its cobbled streets and elegant stores. Spending the night at some local inn or boutique hotel really pays off.

San Isidro

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