Bahía Blanca

Bahía BlancaBahía Blanca - Photos: Gustavo Lobos

Access gate to Argentinian Patagonia, Bahía Blanca is one of the most important cities in the Province of Buenos Aires and this is evident in the number of inhabitants that managed to turn it into a regional metropolis.

Its port, one of the largest in the country due to its strategic location between La Pampa and Patagonia, is a meeting point for communication ways through the country.

Bahía Blanca was founded in 1828, before the Conquest of the Desert to exile the native populations, which set a turning point in the history of Argentina and the consolidation of the presence of the conquerors in these territories.

Today, this beautiful city features an urban and service infrastructure for all tastes. Its downtown concentrates historical, financial and administrative buildings. As well, some green spaces emerge amidst the concrete, including squares, monuments and fountains that give testimony of the local past.

For lovers of the air, Bahía Blanca provides first-time tourist flights to neighboring circuits, like Monte Hermoso, Sierra de la Ventana and the eye-catching Paso de las Piedras Dam.

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