La Lucila del Mar

La Lucila del Mar La Lucila del Mar

If La Lucila del Mar was nothing but that fantastic extension of beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, travelers would choose it anyway for their longed-for vacations. Located in Partido de la Costa, within the Province of Buenos Aires, it has gained the confidence of its usual visitors thanks to its surroundings and gradual growth.

It lies 358 kilometers away from the Federal District and is accessed through Provincial Route 11, also known as Interbalnearia. The first residences were settled in the mid twentieth century after pines, eucalyptus and poplars were planted. Thus, the summer village gradually became stronger.

The beaches have specific areas with restrooms, spaces for beach sports and access for motorboats. The fine sand tempts everyone to lie in the sunshine as long as possible and get away from the most densely populated areas by walking along the shore as they let the waters stroke their feet. There is a wide array of venues on the beach offering good services, facilities and cuisine.

Angling enthusiasts who like to fish in the sea have several options: they can try their luck with the rod from the shore, make themselves comfortable on the pier that gets deep into the breaking waves, or else get on board some watercraft in the company of local guides. The pier is a typical feature at this seaside village. It has been remodelad according to new esthetic standards. It is open to visitors and has a coquettish coffee-house overlooking the sea.

In spite of the many chalets, cabins, apartments, hotels and camping sites, the urban shell has developed progressively and harmoniously, as the original tree groves were preserved. The commercial center offers different kinds of stores, including restaurants, take-aways, telephone booths, cyber café, and so on.

Barely 5 kilometers separate La Lucila del Mar from the City of San Bernardo. This enables the younger generations to travel from one place to another so as to enjoy local nightlife and see the fashionable discos.

La Lucila del Mar is a summer village with a young spirit. It may be chosen to rest with the family or to follow the trends every new season brings.

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