Monte Hermoso

Monte Hermoso Windsurf, Recalada lighthouse, horseback riding and kitesurf (photos: Jorge González)

Located on the Atlantic Coast , in the south of , Monte Hermoso is a family seaside resort with more than 32 km of wide beautiful beaches, the only one in the country wehre the sun rises and sets over the sea.

As the area is windy, the weather is pleasant in the summer, with maximum average temperatures of 26º C. Its The geographical situation also influences on the temperature of the water, which is 5º C higher than in other resorts, as a consequence of the arriving warm currents.

The city has a basic but complete touristic infrastructure. Monte Hermoso resorts offer relaxing activities like beach volleyball, soccer, quoits championships, aerobics or salsa lessons.

In the water, visitors can practise sailing, jet skiing or windsurfing. The latter having reached its peak in recent years as a result of the the winds that hit the shore.
Anglers can spend an unforgettable day getting palo fish, whitings, groupers, congers and ray’s beams. Cornalitos, anchovies, soles and valuable shrimps and prawns are the result of fishing with a net.

At Monte Hermoso, tourists can visit the Natural Sciences Museum, the Navy Museum, the Sauce Grande Beach and Lagoon, the Recalada lighthouse and the Pinewood Walk, which can either be enjoyed on foot or cycling.
At night, the modern Casino has with roulette, black jack and baccarat tables, and an excellent cafeteria service.

Monte hermoso is one of the best options to spend the holidays with the family.

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