Valeria del Mar

Surfers, bar at the corner and beaches in Valeria del MarValeria del Mar (photos: Pablo Etchevers)

Located in the southeast of the Province of Buenos Aires, on the Argentinean Sea coast some 350 km away from the Federal District, lies inside the district of Pinamar, more precisely to the South of Ostende and to the North of Cariló.

Valeria del Mar is a new and different site, with undulating roads that follow the dune tracks along the landscape of woods and green parks up to a 200 mts wide sandy beach.
Visitors will find a forested seaside resort, modern buildings, a commercial center and peaceful beaches where silence and quietness are the unquestionable protagonists.

Horse riding, all-terrain trips, quad rides, hiking or just enjoying the sun and the sea from the shore are the most outstanding activities to practice in this area.
Night life revolves around the Casino, the pubs or the discos.

In the late winter and early spring, the blossoming of the acacias, whose yellow flowers provide a beautiful landscape to Valeria del Mar, stands out.
This resort is the right destination for tourists in search for relax before they return to their routine after having recovered their energy.

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