Orense Foto 1 y 2 : Jorge González - Foto 3: Municipalidad de Tres Arroyos - Direccion de turismo
In the district of Tres Arroyos, in the southeast part of the province of Buenos Aires, lies the village of Orense, very few kilometers away from the resort bearing the same name.

It is a young wild place where the beach, the high dunes and the sea with warm water become an ideal site for rest and relaxation listening to the waves break into the shore.

Orense has beautiful natural attractions: a wide soft semicircular beach that provides you with the chance of practising water sports, fishing, horse riding or walks in a specially charming atmosphere.

The most outstanding places to visit in Orense are the Hurtado’s Cultural Center and House, where there is an information office, the Bay in Julian’s waterfall that sets the natural border with Claromecó -special site to practise sport fishing- and 20 and 40 dunes being high and having been forested by the first inhabitants, from where you can enjoy excellent views.

In Orense, the Cristiano Muerto (Dead Christian) Stream is a must. It is a site to visit in 4x4 vehicles due to its huge dunes. The forest lagoon called Huinca- Loo is a great 140-hectare water mirror where you can fish pejerreyes, dentudos and catfish or enjoy birdwatching - coming across black neck swans, flamingoes, storks, herons and ducks.

All the attractions of Orense bring together nature and man’s creation, providing the chance of living in and enjoying a wild place away from civilization and closer to quietness.


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