Azul Azul

Located in the Province of Buenos Aires, Azul is one of the favorite destinations for mini-tourism from Buenos Aires City. Built on the banks of the creek bearing the same name, this is a beautiful urban settlement surrounded by imposing rural scenes and hills, ideal for relaxation as well as adventure.

Its parks, promenades, museums and sculptures, in addition to its cultural agenda and gatherings at pubs, cafés and theaters, lure the youngest generations. In the outskirts, ancient estancias, rural stations and pulperías are preserved to welcome visitors every weekend.

All throughout the city, the influence of a prodigious architecture is breathed in its streets and avenues. Art Decó has been portrayed by the famous architect and creator Francisco Salamone, whose works may be observed in all corners of the city. The main square, its majestic cathedral and public buildings and institutions are part of the history of the city.

Some of the tourist attractions recommended by the local denizens include the municipal beach and the local waterfront. During the summer, they are both a must visit.

Fishing, rural tourism, farms and adventure travel are the alternatives offered by new tourist operators who have managed to revive the City of Azul by appealing to visitors from the entire region who have come along to see its urban and mountain range attributes.


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