Pehuajó Pehuajó

The City of Pehuajó lies within the area known as pampa húmeda in the Province of Buenos Aires. National Routes 5 and 226 converge at this point, which lies 365 kilometers from the Federal District.

The first settlers arrived in the area in 1880 mainly from Spain and Italy. They founded this rural colony and, once the railway reached this zone, they strengthened its economy based on agriculture and livestock. At present, this is the commercial center for cattle raising, cereal and oil products, as shown by the presence of large flour mills.

As in other settlements in the province, its ample well-laid streets invite everyone to go for a quiet stroll around the area and discover its architectural and natural treasures. Inside the civic center and historical shell, Dardo Rocha Square stands out.

Its founders made a point in raising solid buildings using strong materials. At present, these ancient constructions are displayed proudly. The Town Hall, the railway station, the cemetery Access, Saint Anselm’s Parish, the bridges and sculptures at General San Martín Park are proof of that. The latter boasts a very old tree grove and shelters a lake, an amphitheater and special sectors for the practice of sports.

María Elena Walsh composed a popular song whose main character, tortoise Manuelita, lived in Pehuajó. A monument to this beloved chelonian was raised near Route 5.

The basin of the Salado River has given origin to various water bodies and wetlands lying close to the city. Silverside fishing is one of the most frequent habits among the dwellers of Pehuajó and its visitors. The lakes known as La Salada (a.k.a. Las Mellizas) and El Cuerú offer good catches in the right season. The former has low coasts to fish from the shore. Las Mellizas Angling Club and several areas for recreational activities are located there.

The city conveys history as well as excellent accommodation and cuisine. All this becomes evident when its folkloric festival called “Pehuajó le canta al país” (Pehuajó sings to the country) is organized. The rest of the year is ideal to relax within a rural area signed by its friendly people.

Map Pehuajó

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