Bahía San Blas

Bahía San Blas Bahía San Blas - Photo: Gentileza Turismo Carmen de Patagones

Bahía San Blas is located on the Southwest of the Province of Buenos Aires inside the District of Patagones. Jabalí Island, where Bahía San Blas lies, is reached through a gravel road in very good condition. It is also well sign-posted and open even on days of heavy rain.

In the summer, this town shelters thousands of tourists from all over the country. Angling is the most popular activity. Large croakers, sole and sea silverside are the main species caught in the area.

Nestled inside the so-called Bahía San Blas Reserve for Multiple Uses, this island offers accommodation services among which cabins and inns specially designed to meet the needs of anglers and their families prevail. Cuisine also rises to the occasion. Sea dishes are the protagonists at each restaurant or take-out both at lunch and dinner time.

The bay has pebble beaches that fall gently on the Argentinian Sea. Its shallow areas have been the scene of many shipwrecks.

History goes that during the War with Brazil for the liberation of the so-called Banda Oriental, the bay turned out to be the spot chosen by a Brazilian expedition to attack Argentina.

It was a complete failure. The vessels ran aground and they were destroyed by the wind and the tide. Ever since, this site has been considered to be doomed or haunted by many who do not appreciate the quietness of this haven.

Bahía San Blas is an ideal destination for family or friends as it has everything visitors need.

Bahía San Blas

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