CarilůCarilů - Photos: Pablo Etchevers
The beautiful City of Carilů is one of the most exclusive swimming resorts on the Argentinian Atlantic Coast of the Buenos Aires Province. Of Mapuche origin, "carilů" means "green sand hill" and it faithfully represents the spirit of this place, wisely afforested by man with trees and plants.

In this place, architecture is justified with noble elements such as wood and stone, which enhance the magic of a site that has already been enchanted by its nature. Grunwald House is a typical sample of this, just like the traditional promenades that contribute with some light to the quietness of the night.
With magnificent residences and cabins for rent inside the forest, Carilů offers an excellent tourist infrastructure to satisfy the taste of the most demanding visitors.

The commercial center building style and lanes are dazzling. On the beach, the rest areas Ėespecially the bathing resort called Hemingway- stand out through the regular practice of beach sports, such as beach volleyball and rugby.

Carilů also offers varied tours and excursions, such as 4WD rides, tours on horseback, cyclotourism, hiking or photographic safaris around the beach and the forest. The Golf Club and the equestrian center complete the wide range of activities.

Carilů is the appropriate place for a well-deserved vacation very close to nature.
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