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Located 120 kilometers away from Buenos Aires through National Route 2, Chascomús is an oasis in the Pampa plains. It is situated on the verge of the homonymous lagoon - the biggest of Las Encadenadas (Chained Lagoons) - and has all the comfort needed to enjoy the shining sun, the purest air and the green color of its streets.
The weather of Chascomús is warm and mild with an average temperature throughout the year that ranges from 12ºC to 25ºC.

You can get to this city by train departing from Constitución Railway Station, by bus departing from Retiro Bus Station or by plane or helicopter arriving at an air club for intermediate size planes.
As you go around this centennial city, you will find old houses, non-chamfered corners, the Pampa Museum , the Capilla de los Negros (Black People’s Chapel) and all the warmth of its people.

By the Chascomús Lagoon, water sports such as cannoeing, jet skiing and windsurfing are practiced. You can also enjoy the pleasure and peace of fishing the pejerrey.
If you wish to take your own boats or motorboats, there is a yacht guard in the berth of the lagoon.

Apart from this, there are complete sport centers where you can play tennis, paddle, football, basketball or even golf. Another activity that has become fashionable in the surroundings of Chascomús is agrotourism where you can enjoy interesting country days in any of the farms of the area.

At night Chascomús has a varied range of possibilities to have fun-modern cafeterias, pubs, and discos.
Chascomús is a place to enjoy both the lagoon and the city , always immersed in an intense and permanent contact with nature.

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