Carmen de Patagones

Carmen de Patagones Carmen de Patagones - Photos: Jorge González

Carmen de Patagones is the last district in the south of the Province of Buenos Aires. It has a prodigious history that still remains and is evident in its streets, on the façades of its houses and in the words shared with its most distinguished citizens.

Patagones, as it is referred to by its denizens and neighbors, lies almost a thousand kilometers away from the zero kilometer marker in the City of Buenos Aires. Very few inhabitants of the Province of Buenos Aires feel this city is a part of this territory. Maybe the reason is because it lies so far away.

Standing on the northern bank of the Negro River, about 30 kilometers away from the point where this waterway empties its waters in the Argentinian Sea, Carmen de Patagones is also the head of the district bearing the same name, which is the largest in the Province of Buenos Aires.

The Patagonian Sovereignty Festival is one of the most important cultural events in its agenda. Year after year, it commemorates the anniversary of the heroic deeds of March 7, 1827, when the locals repelled the foreign invaders in defense of our national sovereignty.

The most outstanding artists in the region gather at these celebrations which end every evening with a music show of national hierarchy, including folklore and cultural activities. A varied typical cuisine is discovered by locals and tourists during this week.

The beach known as Villa 7 de Marzo lies minutes away from Carmen de Patagones and is reached by following the Negro River up to its mouth. The landscape at this region is characterized by ample beaches and the practice of several summer activities, among which angling and water sports stand out.

Map Carmen de Patagones

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