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Made up by woods containing over a million trees and wide sandy beaches, Mar de las Pampas, referred to as "the city without haste", is located in the backwater of the Atlantic Coast where tourists may get perfectly mingled with nature.

Nestled on the verge of the Argentinian Sea, in the Province, only 8 kilometers away from Villa Gesell, this enchanted place is immersed in a silence that is only interrupted by the roar of the sea or the wind that whips pine trees, acacias, eucaliptus or cypresses planted by men.

The small urban grid known as Mar de las Pampas is made up by picturesque chalés, cottages and low apartment buildings that fade into the landscape and due to the unusual features one can infer that the city will grow in the near future.
In Mar de las Pampas, the climate is temperate and temperatures reach 33ºC in the summer. The annual average temperature is 22ºC. Winters are colder and windier, with temperatures ranging from 2ºC to 17ºC.

Visitors can practice various activities, such as horse riding, sulky excursions, cycling, hiking and sandboarding. In the water, sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing or swimming are the chosen to feel refreshed.

Mar de las Pampas is a synonym for relaxation, the ideal option for those who wish to get disconnected from the great urban centers and enjoy peace and quietness in full contact with nature.

A place in the world where "praising slowness" has become part of the common sense of the permanent residents, as well as its visitors, and where "living without haste" has ceased to be impossible.

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