Sierra de los Padres

Sierra de los Padres Sierra de los Padres

In the District of General Pueyrredón in the Province of Buenos Aires, 26 kilometers away from the City of Mar del Plata, lies Sierra de los Padres. It is accessed through National Route 226 and Luro Avenue.

This spot has gained prestige due to its quietness, its hills with splendid viewpoints and a neat architecture framed by woods and extremely green vegetation. A coquettish and varied gastronomic and commercial center contributes the essential component that tempts visitors to come along.

Its steady population is scarce but it increases during the warmer months. That is when the country estates, the cabins, camping sites and inns give shelter to those in search of outdoor life. There is a forest reserve that protects native species and an ecological farm. Both of them attract many visitors and give evidence of the interest taken by the locals in taking care of the environment.

Some popular local adventure activities include hiking, horseback riding and rock climbing. Paragliding and 4WD tours are also practiced.

The Golf Club is a 50-year-old institution and its 18-hole golf course takes advantage of the colorful vegetation and the slopes on the ground, which provide a very special layout. In addition to this sport, other skills and an intense social life are enjoyed by the locals.

Another imposing point in the area is the zone known as Sierra de los Padres (Parents’ Hills), where angling and nautical activities lure thousands of enthusiasts. Surrounded by tree groves that provide shade, these recreational areas offer the chance to spend a day rowing, windsurfing and riding motorboats.

One curiosity in this zone is Gruta de los Pañuelos (Handkerchief’s Grotto). Lying under a rocky overhang and paying tribute to the Virgin of Luján, the pilgrims tie their handkerchiefs to make a request or give thanks for what the saint has granted them.

The mountainous scene in both tourist destinations is the ideal element for spending vacations on the sea shore. Everyone should try a getaway to Sierra de los Padres at least to see this place and be delighted by its homemade pastries at some of its tea houses.

Map Sierra de los Padres

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