Las Gaviotas

Las Gaviotas - Photos : Pablo EtcheversLas Gaviotas - Photos : Pablo Etchevers

Named after the birds that visit this area at dawn and dusk all year round, Las Gaviotas is a small but coquettish bathing resort on the Atlantic coast, located between the towns of Mar de las Pampas and Mar Azul, only 360 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires.

Lying on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Las Gaviotas has a pleasant temperate weather with an average annual temperature of 22º C and maximum temperatures reaching 33ºC in the summer. It features typically large and lonely beaches, plenty of green spaces and trails that lead to the blue sea guarded by a huge strip of hot sand.

In this area and its surroundings, the preservation of the environment has become a premise for those who visit its few streets all year round. Therefore, a perfect combination of the necessary services to enjoy a stay in Las Gaviotas and the nature around has been managed. Horseback rides or walks along the beach are the activities chosen by visitors, who sometimes even prefer to read or write.

In the last few years, Las Gaviotas has begun to define an identity of its own, with its own codes, which makes it stand out from the other bathing resorts in the area. The great protagonists of this place are the apartments and resorts with their luxurious spas and restaurants by the sea. Following their theme rules, they propose visitors a novel way to become owners of the summer, and the rest of the seasons as well. All visitors to Las Gaviotas will find calm and relax.

Like a young bird learning to fly, the idea of tourist entrepreneurs is that Las Gaviotas should learn to fly for itself year after year. And, of course, this is already happening.

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