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On the Southeastern bank of the Province of Buenos Aires, 400 kilometers from the Federal District, Balcarce presents a scenery of mountain ranges, lagoons, creeks and fertile valleys. The unulated relief breaks with the vast pampas, surrounds the city and protects its productive lands dedicated, essentially, to agriculture and cattle-raising.

Balcarce was founded in 1876 by José A. Cháves and José de la Cuadra under the name of San José de Balcarce, after the victor of the Battle of Suipacha and the chief of San Martín’s army in Chile. At present, its population raises to 41,560 inhabitants and, nevertheless, it preserves the charm of the province villages, with streets bordered by leafy trees, statues and public buildings.

The motor car race venue and the Juan Manuel Fangio Automobile Museum, that pays tribute to the five-times Formula 1 world champion, who was born in Balcarce, represent the pride of the city. In addition to these attractions, the Cerro El Triunfo Municipal Park, the Brava Lagoon and the San José Church, one of the most valuable samples of architectural heritage,
also stand out. An ideal corner to rest and get connected with the countryside, Balcarce offers a complete accommodation and gastronomical proposal for its visitors.

The tourist alternatives offered by the city include fishing outings, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, tandem skydiving, paragliding and hang gliding flights.
Due to the oceanic influence, its weather is temperate and average temperatures reach 11ºC in the winter and 25ºC in the summer.

There are various ways to access Balcarce. Its urban center lies only 4 kilometers from the crossroads of National Route 226 and Provincial Route 55. Several companies offer transportation services to this city, as well as to Mar del Plata the main cities located on the Buenos Aires coastline.

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