Las Toninas

Las Toninas Las Toninas

Las Toninas is a district in Partido de la Costa, in the Province of Buenos Aires. Its beaches are spacious, featuring a soft slope into the Argentinian Sea. This feature makes them an ideal place to spend the holidays with the family, especially with little children. It is accessed through Provincial Route 11, also known as Interbalnearia.

The city has few high rise buildings and it spans alongside the shore. The sand hills separate the urban area from the beach and they must be crossed in order to access the latter. Used to stop the wind, they have been settled with tamariscos, ornamental bushes with beautiful flowers and reddish leaves in the fall.

This seaside resort developed in the 1960s and became a solid simple population with a quiet lifestyle and few paved streets later on. Sea baths and sunbathing are the main attraction and so is the possibility of long walks along the humid sand while beholding the vastness of the sea.

The newest neighborhoods have settled towards the north. An old English ship that ran aground over a century ago is a typical destination for walks along the beach. The older denizens weave stories that have passed onto the younger generations.

In the south, a walk along the beach leads to Santa Teresita. This is a classic among morning workout and sunshine enthusiasts. They may return to the starting point either retracing their steps or taking some urban bus.

Fishing spaces on the seashore are well-marked for anglers to hold their rite, especially at sunset and sunrise. Waiting for the prey to bite or fall into the liftnet is one of the most popular sports.

The Labyrinth is one of the most popular outdoor attractions. It consists of a sequence of hedge corridors that show a seashell cemetery and ends at a viewpoint that boasts an incredible view. It contains a Via Crucis that welcomes many visitors during Easter and a grotto in honor of Saint Cayetan.

Las Toninas has its own commercial center, an amphitheater for music shows, pubs and coffee houses for the youngest. During the season, nightlife explodes in Santa Teresita, 7 kilometers away following an inner road. It offers a disco and a casino and everything is within reach.

Las Toninas

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