San Pedro

San Pedro San Pedro

Halfway through Buenos Aires and Rosario, the City of San Pedro is a natural viewpoint over the Arrecifes and Paraná Rivers. It has always been a matchless tourist destination chosen either to spend a weekend or a vacation. It lies 164 kilometers away from the Federal District through a highway and 141 from Rosario.

As an old city typical of Buenos Aires, the civic and historical center shows traits from the past on the façades of hundred-year-old house. In turn, the agricultural and livestock wealth present in the surroundings has given origin to a thriving city whose economy is based on orange, peach plantations and ornamental plants.

Everyday life is quiet and the bicycle is the usual means of transport. The main avenues, streets, squares and the commercial and pedestrian center, especially the waterfront, may be toured in a few minutes.

Its natural scenes are framed by lush nature offering a thousand recreation options. San Pedro’s Anglers and Nautical Club is the main attraction when it comes to conquering the waters of the nearby rivers and creeks. A spacious berth gives evidence of the favorite sport in town, which includes a ride around the islands of the Paraná Delta.

Beaches, camping sites and departure another points for fishing outings to the Lechiguana Islands or other sites where fishermen may catch large tarariras follow one another. Ecological tourism and adventure travel –hiking and mountain biking included- are combined around uneven sheer ground.

In the downtown, accommodation venues and restaurants offer a wide array of possibilities. Nightlife, especially in the summer, takes place in pubs, coffee houses and discos for all ages.

The locals take pride in their famous ensaimada, a light, spiral-shaped pastry typical of Mallorca brought by the immigrants in the early twentieth century.

A very important historical milestone lies just twenty kilometers away. It marks the battle known as Vuelta de Obligado.

San Pedro is an ideal place to spend a day in the countryside or just to enjoy the balconies over the river after a stroll along its main street. The vastness of the scenery appears suddenly in front of us with an unimaginable range of hues.

San Pedro

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