Nueva Atlantis

Nueva Atlantis Nueva Atlantis

The City of Nueva Atlantis lies within the territory of the district known as Partido de la Costa, on the Argentinian Sea. It lies a few kilometers away from Mar de Ajó, accessed through Provincial Route 11, also called Interbalnearia.

As all the beaches in the area, this is an ideal destination to spend some holidays with the family. Large extensions of sand, soft waves, wild nature and silence are its main features. The service infrastructure is developing slowly but steadily.

The urban grid has been neatly laid out and low houses are observed on the streets made of dirt, as well as many empty lots. Roldán Avenue is the main artery that joins the town to the road. Four diagonal streets provide fluency to the scarce traffic.

Some accommodation venues, camping sites, private residences and basic need stores give shape to the local buildings.

In the summer, the day is divided into sunbathing, swimming in the sea, walking along the beach, water sports, ATV rides and fishing. One of the traditional outings is going to Punta Médanos through Provincial Route 11. A hundred-year-old lighthouse threads legends of vessels that shipwrecked or sank in the area, though most of them are not visible from the shore.

Another distraction is to visit Mar de Ajó, where the commercial streets offer very popular pubs, restaurants and coffee-houses. It is accessed through the waterfront avenue. Colón Avenue separates both districts.

Nueva Atlantis boasts plentiful unspoiled nature and that is its greatest virtue.

Nueva Atlantis

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