Aguas Verdes

Aguas Verdes Aguas Verdes

Aguas Verdes is a district lying 355 kilometers away from the Federal District. It is geographically similar to the sequence of seaside destinations that make up the so-called Partido de la Costa. On its early days, a new urban development summoned those who wished to move to a quiet place by the sea as well as camping enthusiasts in search of a wild site with plenty of vegetation.

This location in the Province of Buenos Aires has slowly turned into a tourist destination chosen for its extensive beaches and high sand hills that separate the shore from the city. Its main feature is quietness and a simple lifestyle.

The present vegetation was managed with much effort made by the original residents. Maybe this is one of the most authentic local references. Its motley pine tree wood next to the ocean is a must among traditional tours.

Costa del Este and La Lucila del Mar are neighboring seaside resorts. Duhau Castle, an estancia shell standing next to the sea and owned by the family bearing the same name is located on the border of La Lucila del Mar and Aguas Verdes. It is made up by several constructions featuring a high-class Normand style and an impeccable lawn. It may be seen from the sand hills.

Fishing enthusiasts find appropriate spaces on the shore to cast their lines and catch a good sea bass, silverside and whitebait. They just need to find information about the catch of the season and the tides.

Besides sunbathing and enjoying the waves, horseback rides, ATV rides and sand-boarding are other popular activities.

Fifty-year-old Aguas Verdes has grown and its accommodation, services and recreation offer has become adapted to the number of visitors that choose this place. It is ideal to rest in the company of family members, to make contact with nature and enjoy long walks along the solitary beaches feeling the sweet taste of freedom.

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