Trenque Lauquen

Trenque Lauquen Trenque Lauquen

Trenque Lauquen lies 445 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires on National Route 5 in the middle of the area known as Pampa húmeda. Its people dedicate their time to agriculture and to welcoming visitors who choose its water bodies to enjoy angling and nautical sports.

The urban grid is attractive, with broad streets, promenades and many green spaces represented by neat parks and squares. Boasting a history of Indian raids and forts, it adopted the shape of a town in the late nineteenth century. Its anecdotes and legends are reflected at the Desert Campaign Museum.

The municipal park is the recreational center of the city. Its bountiful vegetation, its inner lake, the possibility of camping and practicing sports and an amphitheater for outdoor shows are its main features.

Lakes Trenque Lauquen, El Hinojo (Large and Small), Las Tunas (Large, Medium-sized and Small) and Cuero de Zorro are the main attraction in the area. It is possible to swim in some of them and to fish on board a boat in others. Different kinds of plants and salinity give each lake its own trait. Other species present in these waters are dientudos and catfish.

Several angling clubs have settled down on their shores to offer services and watch compliance with the regulations. Their facilities include restrooms, fire pits, boat rental and everything necessary for a good catch.

Each of these water bodies and others lying nearby hold strict regulations regarding the closed season, the use of watercrafts and the catch and release of the species.

Visitors to Trenque Lauquen may either stay downtown or choose some venue in the rural or lake area. A five-star hotel, cabins and simple bed and breakfast venues ensure every visitor can find the perfect place to stay. This fishing destination includes a wild and relaxed welcoming scene.

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