Pinamar Beaches of Pinamar (photo: Pablo Etchevers)
The city of Pinamar, maybe the most sophisticated on the Argentinian coastline, lies in the just 340 kilometers away from the Capital Federal. Surrounded by pine tree groves (from which it has taken its name), it mingles the benefits of nature with the effort of the pioneers in its large forest, its sand hills and its deep blue sea.

A city of youths, Pinamar is always the center for summer activities. Celebrities and brands choose it every summer season to show off.

Its natural beauties are manifest along its vast beaches dwelled by sand hills, in its shady streets and in the particular architectural style of its buildings and mansions.
Nautical activities, such as windsurfing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, motorboat rides and shark fishing on boats or land-based on the pier with fishing nets, are the most popular during the summertime. The hot sand on its beaches is an invitation to play beach volleyball, five-a-side football, tennis or paddle tennis in some of the courts offered by the bathing resorts.

But Pinamar is, above all things, a synonym for adventure and ease. In the city outskirts, at the area known as La Frontera (the Frontier), visitors may ride horses, rent ATVs and 4WD vehicles. Those who like quietness may enjoy golf, bird-watching or visit nearby cities such as Cariló, which suggests an unusual day amidst the forest.

At night, Pinamar perfectly combines excellent restaurants, pubs, coffee-shops and group outings to the famous discos, as people enjoy the lights and the ever present roaring of the sea waves.

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