San Bernardo

San Bernardo San Bernardo - Secretaría de Turismo de la Municipalidad de la Costa

Seaside resort located in Buenos Aires Seaboard, San Bernardo is located 325 km from Buenos Aires, in the Coast District.
Twin City of Mar de Ajó since they are linked by the same Waterfront Drive, it has narrow beaches where thousands of families and youths gather to enjoy the sun of the Argentinian summer.

The climate in San Bernardo is nice and temperate, with an annual average temperature of 22º C with maximum temperatures of 33º C in the hottest month.
The city, which in the past years has gone through a continuous development, is made up of picturesque buildings surrounded by old trees that give evidence of the age of San Bernardo.
The J. C. Chiozza pedestrian street is a must either before or after the beach day since there are many shops that cope with the taste of every tourist.

On the shore, beach activities such as beach volleyball, tejo championships, jet skiing or windsurfing are practiced both by grown-ups and children.
From the Coast Observatory, other planets, galaxies and constellations can be observed.
As well, a boat fishing outing may be hired both from the shore or the pier. This is a very relaxing activity during which specimens such as sea breams, palometas, corvinas, soles or codfish can be caught.

Night life in San Bernardo is busy since there are pubs, discos, theatres and bingoes that offer the visitor different options to cope with all ages.

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San Bernardo

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