Pehuen-Có Pehuen-Có

The seaside resort known as Pehuen-Có is located in the south of the Province of Buenos Aires, between the Cities of Monte Hermoso and Punta Alta. This name of Mapuche origin confirms the presence of monkey-puzzle trees and water, the main features of this point.

Bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which are warmer at this location, the woods and sand hills are an ideal destination to spend quiet vacations amidst the wild nature.

Its early settlers came along in the mid twentieth century and worked to fix the dunes. This enabled them to locate the urban shell close to the coast avoiding the intense winds. In turn, eucalyptus and pine trees were planted to create extraordinary woods as time went by.

The beach is vast and generous as far as outdoor activities are concerned. They just require a sunny day for visitors to swim in the sea, exercise on the beach or just walk along the shore. A very old shipwreck shows its rusty silhouette and makes up a typical picture tourists treasure when the tide is low.

Two traditional residences in this district captivate all visitors: the ship or vessel-shaped house and the millhouse (which refers to Don Quixote).

The great surprise in this village is its paleontological park. Traces of a prehistoric past have been found on the coast and checked by professionals. Extinct bird and mammal species have left vestiges on this clay ground. Likewise, signs of the presence of vertebrates millions of years ago have been found in the area known as Las Rocas.

Holidaymakers come to Pehuen-Có to spend a few days, safe in the knowledge that this place guarantees the kind of quietness everyone will feel envious for.


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