Caminos de los Azahares

De los Azahares Road (photo: Jorge González)De los Azahares Road (photo: Jorge González)

Situated on the shores of the Uruguay River, in the northeast of the Province of Entre Ríos, the Caminos de los Azahares (White Blossoms Road) region is famous for the production of citrus fruit.

The Citrus Culture Provincial Festival is held at this spot every year. Cities like Federación and Chajarí are part of this micro-region and chosen by visitors due to their famous hot springs, fisheries and the advantages offered by the Uruguay River.

Tours and Activities

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Balneario: Sand and Sunshine in Bulk

The swim hole on the shores of Lake Salto Grande is part of Chajarí's daily life. Every member of the family may find a good recreation option at this spot year round.

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City tour around Chajarí, A City of Friends

From the moment we set foot on it, Chajarí shows off its unhurried pace in the streets typical of a provincial town which makes contrast with its dynamic commercial center.

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Federación, a Tale of Two Cities

The ideal way to see Federación (both the old and the new city) is by going on a train with no rails that leaves from the hot spring resort. This typical tour is a must for visitors.

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Federación, a Synonym for Fishing

Considering the many water bodies provided by the land of Entre Ríos, it is only natural that fishing should be one of the most highly praised sports in the region. Federación contributes its own resources.

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Citrus Culture Festival

In the land of white blossoms, of good sunshine and the rhythm of the Litoral music, a gathering is held every year in which the daily task of citrus producers is praised.

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Beaches in Federación

Even though Federación is a synonym for hot springs, it is also a perfect beach destination in the spring and summertime.

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Chajarí Hot Springs

Anything is possible with water and, when it is thermal, anything may be attained with it. The truth is that this quiet city in Entre Ríos...

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Federación Hot Springs

Opened in 1995, the Hot Springs in Federación are the first hot spring drilling in the Argentinian Mesopotamia and its waters emerge from a depth of 1,260 meters

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Lake and River Fishing

The territory of Entre Ríos is rich in waterways, where the taste for fishing remains in fashion. Chajarí contributes to the fish richness of the province.

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