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Villa Elisa Villa Elisa - Photos: Pablo Etchevers
The City of Villa Elisa lies on the East of the Province of , 360 kilometers from the Federal District, Buenos Aires, and 220 kilometers from Paraná, capital of Entre Ríos.

With average temperatures ranging between 15 degrees Celsius in the winter and 25 in the summer, the climate is quite mild for visitors to this picturesque city that lies just a few minutes away from Colón.

Its most outstanding natural attraction is Villa Elisa hot springs, which welcomes visitors year round to stay at its facilities or its surroundings and to enjoy the hot spring water therapies.

Other interesting sights are the town swim resort and its fascinating and rich history, appreciated at Estancia El Porvenir, today turned into a museum, the famous historical train and some rural venues presently open to visitors.

Villa Elisa, small but coquettish at the same time, displays some historical and architectural monuments along its streets and it tempts visitors to stay longer and find nooks that will make them feel at ease.

Its main church, its monuments and some typical façades give evidence of a prosperous past known today because the city is part of the so-called "Tierra de Palmares" (Palm tree Woodland), which shelters the 5 most important towns in the palm-tree region, among them, the neighboring town of San José where you can find another hot springs resort and, from January onwards, the Las Palmas Carnival at the San José local venue.

Villa Elisa is a small district where the historical past and the hot spring present co-exist at each corner and where water and its minerals have been welcoming visitors with open arms.

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