Villa Paranacito

Villa Paranacito Villa Paranacito

Though its name makes reference to a small Paraná River, the City of Villa Paranacito lies in the Province of Entre Ríos, minutes away from the Uruguay River and featuring a fascinating delta with islands and creeks.

It is accessed from Buenos Aires through the two bridges that make up the road-railway system known as Zárate – Brazo Largo. Villa Paranacito is the last city before the road fork, where one route opens up towards the Paraná area and the other one towards the Uruguay.

Villa Paranacito is a small district that has lured tourists as a result of the practice of angling, available year round. In the summer, the Uruguay River and these islands are teeming with dorados of all sizes, whereas the silverside is the great protagonist in the winter. In both cases, there are tours available on water-crafts with guides to go in search of both species.

Due to the increased activity, both quantity and variety of accommodation options in Villa Paranacito have multiplied, and so have the services specially designed for tourists, who may enjoy fishing as well as other recreational activities such as bird-watching, navigation around the islands, hunting and hiking across the fields of Entre Ríos.

Villa Paranacito

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