Lomadas Entrerrianas

Victoria Municipal Building (foto: Jorge González)Victoria Municipal Building (foto: Jorge González)

Famous for its uplands, crossed by winding rivers, creeks and ponds, the micro-region called Lomadas Entrerrianas (Hills of Entre Ríos) has a main protagonist, namely: the City of Victoria.

Swim holes on the Paraná shore offer the chance to also practice sailing, windsurfing or fishing. Likewise, all this area in Entre Ríos is suitable for adventure travel, ecological and hot spring tourism and is frequently visited by residents of big neighboring metropolis.

Tours and Activities

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Victoria Casino

What would your ideal city be like? It should have history and tradition. It should have too much nature and too many women. It should be reached through a bridge and have a casino in the best Vegas style.

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Carnival of Victoria

Every summer, Victoria is the scene of one of the best carnivals in Entre Ríos; the city dresses up to enjoy this event in the company of thousands of tourists.

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Victoria Hot Springs

In addition to the delightful scenes of Victoria and its traditional Carnival, this location shows off its hot springs, accessible at Parque Acuático Termal Victoria del Agua.

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Italians, Basques and Ironwork

Victoria is known as “the city of ironwork” and not because it is not safe but because fashion made its first dwellers choose this kind of decoration for their houses and institutions.

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Victoria: Colonial Beauty

The City of Victoria in Entre Ríos has incredible natural attractions to rest and enjoy a wide range of activities. A marvelous city with a life of its own.

Photo gallery

Photos (1): Pablo Etchevers
Photos (2): Jorge González