The Capital

Sailing in Paraná (photo: Pablo Etchevers)Sailing in Paraná (photo: Pablo Etchevers)

This title is used to refer to Paraná, and no sooner is it mentioned than everyone knows we are speaking about culture, events, shows, sports, tourism and everything that takes place in a big city, especially when it is the capital of a wonderful province.

Paraná is famous for its cliffs and parks, its theaters and cathedrals and, of course, for the beauty of the river after which it has been named and which contributes its color to each season.

Tours and Activities

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Hasenkamp Carnival

Every year, the celebration of carnival in Hasenkamp acquires its own rhythm and stands at the same level as traditional festivities in big cities

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María Grande Hot Springs

These hot springs are the closest to the City of Paraná, capital of Entre Ríos, the thermal province. Ideal to be enjoyed in the company of the family or our significant other...

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Paraná on the Paraná Riverside

The City of Paraná is a pleasant blend of history, nature and cultural activities and a short visit is enough to fall in love with this place and feel like staying longer.

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Through the Subfluvial Tunnel

The Subfluvial Tunnel offers a fascinating journey that starts by the bounteous Paraná River and continues under its waters until the opposite bank is reached in the neighboring Province of Santa Fe.

Photo gallery

Photos (1): Jorge González