Chajarí Hot Springs

Anything is possible with water and, when it is thermal, anything may be attained with it. The truth is that this quiet city in Entre Ríos has become word of mouth throughout the province every since its hot spring waters were discovered. Ladies and gentlemen, the hot springs of Chajarí.

This small city in Entre Ríos has its square, its Town Hall and its church, but especially, it has its own pace (including time for a nap). In addition to all this, in the last few years it has incorporated its own hot spring resort: Parque Termal Chajarí.

Meters away from National Route 14, at the access to the town, a neat and eye-catching 40-hectare venue shelters the Chajarí hot springs, which continue to add accommodation infrastructure and services.

The park boasts heated pools in which the water temperature ranges from 37º to 40ºC. All these waters are appreciated for their minerals and therapeutic properties. They guarantee that all visitors to this new hot spring resort in Entre Ríos will relax.

  • The park boasts heated pools

    The park boasts heated pools

  • Just enjoy the moment

    Just enjoy the moment

  • Healthy moments

    Healthy moments

  • Indoor pool

    Indoor pool

  • Minerals and therapeutic properties

    Minerals and therapeutic properties

  • A special pool, for children

    A special pool, for children

A special pool, originally designed for children, is ideal for parents to relax next to the youngest members of the family. This pool is only 0.80 m deep; therefore, children do not need to float. Nevertheless, they are constantly watched by a team of lifeguards.

The resort also has some areas with whirlpool tubs, perfect to relax or just close our eyes and think about absolutely nothing. Just enjoy the moment.

To learn about the hot springs open hours or rates for the 2017 season, please contact:

Chajarí Thermal Park
National Route 14 Km 329 and Padre Gallay
Phone: (03456) 42-3765 - e-mail

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Parque Termal Chajarí

Ruta Nac.14 Km 329 y Padre Gallay, Chajarí, Entre Ríos, Agentina

Phone Phone: +54 3456-427202

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