Ubajay Ubajay

Ubajay, a small district in Entre Ríos lies close to the Uruguay River and has recently become a new tourist destination for visitors to El Palmar and the City of Colón, both located in the Province of Entre Ríos.

Known as the Capital of El Palmar, Ubajay is characterized by its environmental awareness, its well-preserved historical heritage and the polite manners of its people when it comes to giving directions to visitors towards the various tourist attractions located in the surroundings.

Some of them include "la Aurora del Palmar", a wildlife reserve that gets visitors deep into typical circuits and trails teeming with palm trees, creeks, wetlands and marshlands. Top accommodation options for large group are also available.

Time seems to have stopped at the small metropolis. Its denizens still travel on horseback and sit at the sidewalk to enjoy some good mates in the shade of the yatay palm trees that line up the entire horizon.

The route crosses town and divides it in two. It is certainly worth a visit. Its main square, its old train station, its historical buildings and its houses façades tell us about former times, when the immigrants arrived at these lands to make them grow and prosper.

Recreational and ecological tourism is the protagonist at Ubajay. Visitors may practice activities such as organized horseback rides, paddling and kayaking, bird-watching and wildlife mapping. Capybara, cougars, wild boars, alligators and all kinds of birds make up the local ecosystem, ideal to be enjoyed with the entire family.


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