Hasenkamp Hasenkamp

Hasenkamp is a city of immigrants that still preserves the essence and thriving spirit of the pioneer generation that watched it bloom and took part in its development.

Two German brothers -Eduardo and Federico Hasenkamp- had the initiative to found it. As a result of the arrival of the railway, the city grew and its population multiplied (the train does not work anymore and the local station building today houses the Tourist Office).

The House of Culture, San Martín Square and Saint Joseph's Parish are the most outstanding institutional attractions in the city. In addition to them, a pilgrimage is organized in which thousands of people take part during October to join this district of Entre Ríos with the capital, namely: Paraná.

Located just 80 kilometers from the capital of the province or just an hours' drive, Hasenkamp features one of the most important carnivals in Entre Ríos.

The different communities that make this annual celebration possible when the summer comes have considered it as a State matter for generations. There is nothing more significant during those months.

Map Hasenkamp

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