Basavilbaso Basavilbaso

The city of Basavilbaso has gained popularity once again as a result of its new hot springs, which have contributed more activities to the center of the Province of .

Various immigrant colonies co-exist at Basavilbaso. They reached this area during last century coming from all parts of the world. Today, their descendants continue to help the region make progress.

Basavilbaso started out as a railway station and welcomed the first Jewish colony into the country. These colonists gave life to the first South American Agricultural Cooperative and named it Lucienville.

Baptized as the "Jewish gauchos from Entre Ríos", these pioneers became part of the country’s rural life, standing out in agricultural works and livestock breeding in a land where both activities had been considered impossible.

Those who feel like touring around the area and being surprised will find Basavilbaso offers a circuit of towns and railway stations ideal to travel back in time and be amazed at the endless collectivities that reached these lands and populated them.

Map Basavilbaso

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