Tierra de Palmares

El Palmar National Park (photo: Pablo Etchevers)El Palmar National Park (photo: Pablo Etchevers)

Tierra de Palmares (Land of Palm-Tree Groves) is one of the most eye-catching regions in the country, where thousands of palm trees gather to dazzle all visitors.

Located in the East-Central region of the Province of Entre Ríos, El Palmar National Park is the focal point of the circuit and was created with the aim of preserving one of the last Yatay palm tree groves in the world.

The Cities of Colón, Ubajay and Villa Elisa lie within this area of the province.

Tours and Activities

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City Tour around Colón

A tourist destination like no other, its history can raise the interest of all those who see this place for the first time. Colón is one of the most beautiful cities ever. Its people, its corners and its past make it unique.

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San José Corsos and Las Palmas Carnival

Las Palmas Carnival is a classic in San José, Villa Elisa and Colón, as well as an excellent excuse to gather and enjoy the warm summer nights of January and February.

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Ecotourism in Colón

In the City of Colón, visitors may disembark on an unspoiled island and walk through it, arrive in another island where the trees are the first colonists and, finally, end up in the rainforest.

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Colón Hot Springs

The City of Colón offers a surprising hot springs resort, ideal to relax and rest while enjoying the sunshine and a matchless view of the Uruguay River.

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San José Hot Springs

Ideal for all ages, San José Hot Springs lie minutes away from the City of Colón.

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Villa Elisa Hot Springs

Villa Elisa Hot Springs offer salt waters with unique properties just half an hour away from the City of Colón. An ideal site to rest.

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El Palmar National Park

It is one of the paradisiacal spots in this country. It could be said that its origins are inexplicable, divine. Its endless palm trees and sunsets make visitors fall in love.

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San José, Liebig, Ubajay: Stress-Free Towns

Several nearby populations share similar features regarding their nature, lifestyle and history, but in turn have their own distinguishing traits.

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Trails at El Palmar Park

The trails inside the park were specially laid out so that visitors may make contact with an extremely valuable Yatay palm-tree woodland area and enjoy the wild nature inside it.

Photo gallery

Photos (1): Pablo Etchevers