Federación, a Synonym for Fishing

The catch-and-release policy prevails as a recreational option which in turn protects species without leaving traditional practices aside.

The City of Federación provides a fantastic scene for fishing: the vast reservoir of the Salto Grande Dam. In turn, nearby creeks complete that space chosen by anglers in the Argentinian Litoral.

Fishing enthusiasts get on board boats or motorboats and sail across the lake during the day. There are strategic points known and recommended by many, where fine large pieces are caught. It is essential to know the right spot, the right time and the proper accessories and to be patient in order to catch good specimens.

Patíes, dorados, bogas, surubíes and catfish of all kind are always found in the Salto Grande. Some of them put up a bigger fight than others but they are all quite coveted. Boat fishing usually implies the use of two techniques known as " fondear" (anchoring) or "camalotear" (drift fishing).

  • A fantastic scene for fishing

    A fantastic scene for fishing

  • The Great Dorado

    The Great Dorado

In the lake, the boga is the big star. The important thing is that there are some tips that have become popular and accepted by many. "If you wish to catch a big one, you must thread corn grains in the hooks. You can use that either on board a boat or on the shore, together with light equipment, a rod with spinning mid-sized front-drag reel. The line? It is simple. It is assembled with a 0.40-mm fishing line and a running sinker that stops the line from going adrift." Those were the words of a friendly local.

Another typical species in the lake is the dorado or "tiger of the rivers", as it is also called. Present regulations demand that the catch-and-release policy be observed in order to preserve the species and let them improve their weight.

Every year in September, Federación is the seat of the Catch-and-release Varied Fishing Contest, which is carried out in the lake waters. Organized by the Town Council, it summons hundreds of anglers from different locations who come along to take part in this trial in teams.

Fishing in Federación is allowed year round, though the water conditions may differ. Anglers always find a new chance to catch the best piece and get together with friends within the quiet environment this region offers.

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