Lake and River Fishing

Catch and release is a very effective and recreational way of ensuring the continuity of species. Its practice, along with other traditional ways, is enforced day after day.

In the City of Chajarí, angling is a typical activity, especially in the vast reservoir of the Salto Grande Dam. Other water bodies, such as the Mocoretá, Uruguay and Gualeguay Rivers and the plentiful creeks located in the nearby areas make up the fisheries chosen by uneasy anglers.

The lake is the most popular destination visited by many enthusiasts who get on board to search a good catch. There are as many strategic nooks as followers of the sport involving rods and lures. Specimens of good size are caught at these locations. Anglers just need to be patient and find the right spot, time and fishing gear.

Bogas, silversides, dorados, tarariras and shads emerge constantly to put up a fight. Maybe that is the reason why they are so highly coveted. Anglers who get on board some watercraft usually set anchor or use the so-called “camalote” system.

  • In the vast reservoir of the Salto Grande Dam

    In the vast reservoir of the Salto Grande Dam

  • An unforgettable moment

    An unforgettable moment

  • Other mirrors of water like rivers

    Other mirrors of water like rivers

  • Feeling rewarded

    Feeling rewarded

Salto Grande Reservoir is ideal to catch boga and there are some tips that have been passed down and become vox populi. “If you wish to catch a big one, you must thread corn grains in the hooks. You can use that either on board a boat or on the shore, together with light equipment, a rod with spinning mid-sized front-drag reel. The line? It is simple. It is assembled with a 0.40-mm fishing line and a running sinker that stops the line from going adrift.” Those were the words of a friendly local.

The dorado, also known as river tiger, is mostly in demand. Its release is compulsory to prevent this praised species from becoming extinct and to ensure the existing specimens gain enough weight.

Every year in November, a contest is held at the Chajarí Campsite Beach. It consists in varied boat fishing instances using the catch and release policy. It is attended by a large audience and grants interesting prizes.

Fishing conditions may vary due to natural causes throughout the year, but anglers will always make a new attempt to capture the best specimens ever and to feel rewarded by their achievements.

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