Villaguay Villaguay

Located in the center of the province, the City of Villaguay is an invitation to see Entre Ríos from the inside.

This old urban settlement is located on the route joining the Paraná and Uruguay River circuits. This way, travelers can enjoy the various cities lying on the shores of both rivers.

However, Villaguay has a lot to offer. No matter the season, it tempts visitors to enjoy its naps and endless afternoons, to discover the various architectural samples that populated these lands in the previous century hand in hand with its denizens while walking down its streets.

In the summer, the sun strokes the field crops and the locals start to enjoy their summer gardens or the municipal swimming-pool, a meeting point par excellence.

Visitors and those who search for the beauty of the Uruguay River will find the Cities of Villa Elisa and San José lying nearby. The hot springs lying at these spots motivate travelers to join these destinations on a daily basis.

Map Villaguay

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