Federación Federación hot springs - (photo: Pablo Etchevers)
The City of Federación lies in the Northeast of the Province of , 480 kilometers from the Buenos Aires Federal District and 315 kilometers from Paraná, the capital of Entre Ríos.

Average winter temperatures reach 15 degrees and average summer temperatures hit degrees. The weather is more than benign for those who wish to come along and enjoy this beautiful and picturesque city.

In addition to its natural attractions, among which the hot spring park and the local waterfront bathing resorts stand out, the city has a fascinating and rich history, in which the construction of an hydroelectric dam was the origin of the arisa of Nueva Federación and Lake Salto Grande.

This beautiful water body is the edge of the new city and the annual scenery for the Varied Fishing Festival, a competition created by the local community which summons hundreds of anglers every year.

The local casino and the interesting night movement turn this into an ideal city to have fun and go for a walk at night. The surroundings of the urban shell are completed with eucalyptus sawmills and citrics orchards where visitors may tour around.

The main protagonist at the new city is the Hot Springs Resort, where the mineral and medicinal hot waters summon visitors of all ages everyday.

Libertad Square, in the city center, is the place chosen by various generations as a meeting point.

But it is also possible to go back to the "old city". Visitors only have to cross the bridge separating it from the new city, whether on foot or by car, to see what everything used to be like before the creation of Lake Salto Grande, which flooded a large part of what used to be the old city.

Catamaran tours sail across the lake over the old city flooded by the waters, and show visitors some of the buildings whose tops come out of the water.

Federación, a city where the past and the present co-exist in every corner and where the hot spring waters have brought along the joy that awaits visitors to offer them a warm welcome.

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