María Grande

María Grande María Grande

The District of María Grande is located in the center of the Paraná River Corridor and it perfectly conveys the typical rural scenes of the province. At this location, visitors may enjoy the routines of the gauchos, including harvest and sowing, no matter what season is chosen to get to know this city.

María Grande has its own hot spring resort , one of the most popular local attractions for people coming from nearby Paraná or neighboring Santa Fe, both lying just one hour away.

Its natural reserve, in addition to its historical and cultural circuit, turn María Grande into an ideal site to stay and enjoy the small details that seduce visitors and tempt them to come back once and again during the year.

Many tourists that choose to stay at this city during the summer come along to enjoy the carnival celebrations at nearest Hasenkamp. There is no doubt that this is one of the best in the province and the country.

Hot springs year round, hiking and bird watching in the summer, María Grande has everything to lure visitors and its lies close to the cities that offer the fresh beaches of Entre Ríos on the Paraná.

María Grande

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