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La Paz La Paz - Photos: Jorge González
Located in the Northwest end of the Province of Entre Ríos, almost on the border with Corrientes, the City of La Paz is nestled on the Paraná River, in an area of bountiful vegetation, islands, wetlands, lagoons and marshlands.

The weather is warm, with temperatures ranging between 18ºC and 28ºC in the summer and between 10ºC and 20ºC in the winter.

La Paz lies 176 kilometers from the capital of the province. From Buenos Aires, it is reached through National Route 12 up to the northernmost city in the littoral of Entre Ríos. A total distance of 621 separates both cities.

La Paz began as a natural harbor and its origin was similar to those of other villages in Entre Ríos. But it was not until the Pascual Echagüe regulation was passed in July 13, 1835, that La Paz began to exist and was effectively founded.

Once in the city, visitors should not miss the Regional Museum founded in September 23, 1972, located in the Berón de Astrada park, amidst a scenery of cliffs and tree groves and with an excellent view of the Paraná River. The Craftsman's House operates there too.

La Paz's Fine Arts Museum is another excellent option to get close to the culture of the people. It is also the venue for the House of Culture, where drawing, music, theater and painting, as well as other cultural expressions, are taught.

The popular festivals held at La Paz every year include the "Entre Ríos Surubí Festival" and the "Entre Ríos Dorado Provincial Festival", both of them known by anglers all over the country. Fishing represents a significant developement in the city.

La Paz hot springs are today the newest tourist attraction in the city. They are part of the Entre Ríos Communities' Health Corridor and they are located within an impressive natural frame. Their waters have pharmacologocial properties and excellent therapeutic qualities.

National capital of the thriatlon, La Paz is also chosen by sportsmen from all the country to play host in one of the most complete sports activities which has the city get dressed up every year, the La Paz International Triathlon

The Carnival of La Paz and the Carnivals Santa Elena Town, stand out among the summer events. They both summon local denizens, as well as people from nearby districts and tourists who are visiting this region.

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La Paz

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