Federación Hot Springs

Federación has turned into a modern city where everything revolves around the rhythm of the hot spring resort and the visitors. Glamour, luxury and plenty of water.

The First Hot Spring Resort

Men and women wrapped in robes walk along the streets of a new city as they taste the juice of fresh squeezed oranges. Children playing and running in the streets already know that when they feel tired, they only need to go to the “hot springs” to have a rest. The traditional neighbour meetings, which were generally held at some corner, have now moved to the hot spring resort, along with the mate rounds and the cell phone. There are people who have even replaced the sacred naptime for the hot water. The hot springs have changed customs in a short time.

Opened in 1995, the hot springs in Federación are the first hot spring drilling in the Argentinian Mesopotamia. These waters emerge from a depth of 1,260 meters and belong to the Tacuarembó Aquifer or Guaraní Aquifer. The hot springs in Uruguay and Southern Brazil belong to the same aquifer.

  • Flowing at a constant temperature of 43ºC

    Flowing at a constant temperature of 43ºC

  • Wrapped in robes

    Wrapped in robes

  • Cleanse our circulatory system

    Cleanse our circulatory system

  • Indoor pools

    Indoor pools

  • An ideal sedative

    An ideal sedative

  • A pleasure suitable for all ages

    A pleasure suitable for all ages

  • Senior citizens, who enjoy calm and rest

    Senior citizens, who enjoy calm and rest

This pure and crystalline water nourishes the Federación Hot Spring Resort, which features 450,000 liters flowing at a constant temperature of 43ºC, at a pressure of almost 6 kg/cm2.

The hot spring resort, surrounded by some important hotels and modern full-equipped bungalows, is located within the urban area of the city, a few blocks from the downtown area and on the shores of Salto Grande Lake.

Indoor and Outdoor Swimming-Pools

A beautiful indoor swimming-pool with hot spring waters at 41ºC was the protagonist during the severe winter days, though temperature in this area rarely drops below 10ºC. Swimming is not allowed in this pool, and it is the favourite of senior citizens, who enjoy calm and rest.

There is also a recreational semi-olympic four-hundred-meter-long swimming pool, with hot spring waters at 37ºC and a perfect depth for swimming. There, during summer seasons, cold water relieves the temperature of the pools, which adds more pleasure to the activity.

For children, there are shallow swimming pools which are less than one meter deep. These pools are made for children to have fun and for parents to feel safe. Moreover, an excellent lifeguard team takes care of all swimmers, both children and adults.

In this resort, there is a wing specially equipped for people with disabilities, and it has a ramp in the entrance and stairs with metallic handrails which lead guests into the pool in a natural way.

Many are the properties of the hot spring waters: they raise the body defenses, cleanse our circulatory system, stimulate the metabolism and re-educate the system that regulates the temperature. Apart from having a revitalizing effect on cells and tissues, their effectiveness is due to analgesic and antiespasmodic properties, an ideal sedative for the nervous system.

The hot springs are not only for the elderly, but also a pleasure suitable for all ages. Extra treatments, spa and therapeutical massage have placed our country at the top of the list as regards hot spring tourism.

To learn about the hot springs open hours or rates for the 2017 season, please contact:

Federación Hot Springs
Entre Ríos Ave. w/o nbr.
Phone: (03456) 481903 - e-mail

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