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This city was founded with the name of San Antonio de Padua de la Concordia and is located in the northeast of Province, in the northern area of Lomada Grande that is a watershed and on the verge of Uruguay River bordering on the neighbour country.

Concordia has a climate that goes from subtropical without dry season to pampa temblate, that is why the annual average temperature goes down from north to south. Summer lasts five months- from November to March- and the annual average temperature reaches 29º C. Winter is short - it lasts only three months- and the annual average temperature in this season goes from 11º C to 13º C.

To get to this region of the country from Buenos Aires City, one must take Zarate Brazo Largo Bridge, then Nº12 National Route until the junction with Nº14 National Route that leads to this destination.
Concordia is a typical provincial city with the natural beauty of a riverside city turning it into an elegible site to rest in a wild and natural atmosphere.

The city center is the starting point to all the circuits available. The attractions that are most visited are 25 de Mayo Square, the Town hall, the Regional Museum and the Visual Arts Museum.
The river drive invites one to visit it and surprises with interesting sites to relax. The activities that the tourist chooses mostly are water sports and sport fishing of dorado, surubí, pejerrey, boga and eels.

Concordia has a Hot Springs Resort with spring water that come up from 1170 meters deep at 46ºC and rich in minerals. The site is ideal for those who wish to run away from huge metropolis finding relaxation and tranquility as a present from prodigal nature.

Only 15 minutes ride from the city center, there is a beach called Vertiente de la Concordia where the tourist can enjoy 25 hectares surrounded by thick woods and live nice moments with his family by the river.
Another touristic site is Rivadavia Park where there are ruins that belonged to San Carlos Castle built in 1888 and there are also great sculptures that can be observed during the guided tours.
In the surroundings of Concordia, the tourist can enjoy birdwatching and observe parrots, ordinary cardinals, pirinchos, goldfinches, ducks, coots and storks.

In January and February the city presents one of the most expected events, the Concordia Carnival.

Twenty one kilometers away from the city center one comes across Salto Grande Argentinean Uruguayan Hydroelectric Complex which amazes one since it is a magnificent engineering work.
Near Concordia City, one can visit the Perilago de Salto Grande hot springs and cities like Federación, Dayman, Arapey and Chajarí

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